Anti-mouse NCR1 antibody – clone mNCR1.15

Clone: mNCR1.15

Catalog No.: HR-Lympho-18

Host Species: Mouse

Reactivity: Mouse

Antigen/Immunogen: mNCR1 ectodomain fused to hIgG1 Fc fragment

Tested Applications: ELISA, FACS, IF


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Anti-mouse NCR1 antibody - clone mNCR1.15

NCR1.15 antibody induced downregulation of NKp46 on NK cells. Membrane-associated NKp46 expression following single dose injection of NCR1.15 was assesed 3 days post inoculation by staining with commercial non overlapping mAb 29A1.4. Figure shows NKp46 and NKG2D (negative control-not affected) staining of CD3-NK1.1+ NK cells purified from splenocytes. NKp46 cell surface levels, but not NKG2D levels, were considerably reduced following NCR1.15 injection as compared to PBS or isotype control injections.

Anti-mouse NCR1 antibody - clone mNCR1.15

Immunofluorescence: purified splenic NK cells were stained for extra- and intracellular expression of the NKp46 using NCR1.15 antibody followed by TRITC-coupled anti-mouse antibody (red).