Anti-m04 (MCMV) antibody – clone m04.16

Clone: m04.16

Catalog No.: HR-MCMV-16

Host Species: Mouse

Reactivity: Murine cytomegalovirus

Antigen/Immunogen: recombinant m04-Fc fusion protein expressed in HEK293T cells (extracellular domain without signal sequence – amino-acids at the positions 24-219)

Tested Applications: ELISA; FACS; IF; IHC; IP; Proximity ligation assay (PLA)

Recommended Dilution: n/a


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Anti-m04 (MCMV) antibody - clone m04.16

mAb detection of m04 in MEF.K cells infected for 24h with 2PFU/cell of WT MCMV or Δm04 MCMV (control) by indirect fluorescence method using TRITC-conjugated anti-mouse secondary antibody.