Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering and shipping

  1. How can I order products from the web catalogue?

    You can search our web catalogue and upon selection of preferred product choose the size of the product and click „add to cart“. In the Cart options you can proceed to checkout where you will be asked to fill the form with your contact information. Upon filling the form, click “Place request”. We will automatically receive your order and process it.

  2. Can I pay with credit/debit card or Paypal?

    Unfortunately, our site does not support credit card or Paypal payment. Payment can be done via bank transfer within 30 days from the receipt of the invoice. The Buyer is responsible for any correspondent and/or intermediary bank transaction fees.

  3. How are products shipped?

    In the contact ordering form you are asked to enter information about customer account of any courier service if you prefer to bear shipping costs. Alternatively, we will be free to arrange shipping and add the related cost to the quotation / invoice.

    Products are shipped packed in cardboard or Styrofoam boxes with dry ice or ice packs or on room temperature, depending on the product you purchase. We can add sodium azide upon your request.

  4. I have received a product in non-suitable conditions. Can I get a refund?

    If your product is not consistent with the data provided on the web shop or does not function as expected due to non-suitable conditions of delivery, please fill in this Troubleshooting form and describe the results occurred.

    Please report claims for missing or damaged items within 5 days of the receipt of the order, and refer to:

    • purchase order number
    • shipment date
    • detail and photographic evidence of damage to packaging and/or reagent vials.
  5. Can I cancel my order?

    You can cancel your order any time stating the reason of your cancellation but if the product has been delivered to you after your cancellation, please be so kind and return it in the preserved state.

  6. What is the shelf life of all products?

    Our products have a maximal 2 years shelf life if stored at -20°C or 2 months if stored at +4°C.

For further information please read in detail our Terms of use.